After discovering the true qualities of tequila, our Founders Jennifer Hawkins, Jake Wall and industry veteran Tim Freeburn set out to create a brand matching their own unique style.

Their partnership with the world’s oldest tequila dynasty, created a tequila with a feminine touch and a fresh, clean and smooth taste profile.

Sesión founder, Jennifer is a successful entrepreneur of many global businesses, and an icon and mentor for independent aspiring women.

Sesión is a natural alignment with the women for which it was created, and the moments that make up their lives.

Award Winning


100% Blue Agave. 100% True Always.

The team travelled through Mexico and sought out the best partners in the industry.

Renowned for their award-winning Tequila, the family is closely related to the oldest dynasty of Tequila makers with over eight generations of distilling experience.

Sesión is authentic in method and flavor and born from genuine moments, Sesión delivers a premium taste, and a luxury experience to the most discerning drinker.

Committed to quality, Sesión is a small batch produced 100% Blue Agave Tequila. Our traditional methods ensure there is no compromise on taste and consistency.

Hitting the spot

Sesión is produced by Mexico's most revered Tequila distilleries, providing authentic flavour, premium taste, and a luxury experience to those who enjoy it.

The distillery sits amidst the Tierra de Agaves (Land of Agaves) and is nested in the heart of a blue agave estate.

The process of growing, harvesting, cooking, pressing, fermenting, distilling, ageing and bottling takes place under the direction of the master distiller.